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The Arch Hardware

Our Services

We are happy to help trade and retail customers.

Paint & Decorating supply:

The Arch Hardware staff love to help people to transform their house into their dream home. This only made possible because we at The Arch Hardware stock huge range of paints, decorating supplies and accessories all of which have been provided by us for their worth and excellence.

We stock interior emulsion paint alongside high end professional and specialist paints, our experience in home renovation and refurbishments allowed us to supply you with everything you could possibly need to turn your home into place of relaxation.

We supply with everything that you will need from the start to the end of your home improvement project.

Please visit us at our shop for more information and a friendly professional advice to kick start your home improvement project with confident and sufficient knowledge.


Key cut & locks supply service

We can literately cut key while you wait. Our prices are competitive and the quality of our keys unbeatable.

Every day cleaning products, drain unblocker, pest control, moth and insects killer:

We supply 100s of top brands products. We have in stock whatever you need in your day to day house cleaning, fighting mice and moths, blocked drainage or sink. Even if you are still not sure what you need or what/how to use certain product, why don’t you ask our friendly and experience staff to help you and guide you to what you need.


Electrical, light bulbs, batteries and plumbing items:

The Arch Hardware has more than 5000 different items in stock and 1000s more on next day delivery. We stock all you need for your DIY electrical and plumbing items. We cater for professionals as well as amateurs.

Ask our friendly and fully experienced staff of you got stuck in finding what you need, just explain in plain English of the problem is and our staff will offer you a workable solution at no time.

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